Saturday, January 1, 2022

Order your copy of The Goddess of the Himavan

She set his heart racing. In the land of milk and honey, where the Himavans stand majestic in the distance, as proud as the Kingdom of Hintrupate. Her soulful melodious voice enticed him.

A vision she presented to a simpleton such as he:
-He saw that the most beautiful of the maidens stood singing in the water while she faced the sun that had risen from the mountain area in the distance, and the peasant saw that the maiden’s thick, black hair with tiny droplets of river water on them glistened under the sun’s glorious rays.- (an extract from the book).
Order your copy of The Goddess of the Himavan. RM24.00 (courier charges apply). Delivery one month after the date of publication and orders. Date of publication: between 3-5th of January 2022.

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