Monday, May 30, 2022

Read 3 Amazing Books by Shobana on Kindle for USD0.99 each.

Read what happens when Harinder enters the palace grounds. How he meets the King who issues a challenge to prosper a barren land, so he can become a subject of the mighty Kingdom. Will Harinder be able to succeed in doing the almost impossible and reap the profits of the land?

He falls in love with the beautiful princess. It goes against the Kingdom's law for a commoner like him to harbor feelings for royalty. Would his love for the princess get him into trouble with the King? Would the princess love him in return?

Then there is the dream Harinder had about the flautist and the nightingale...

For eighteen years, Marie had been on the run from Islamic State terrorists who had built a caliphate in her country.

A Catholic, she was the target of Christian persecution by the Muslim terrorist group who had established their jihadist mission at home and worldwide.

The terrorists committed genocide and ethnic cleansing on various non-Muslim ethnicities including Christians, and with their massive number of members worldwide, was a force hard to eliminate in the blink of an eye.

Unaware that the police were looking after her family as it was a TOP SECRET mission, they came in droves to kill her in various ways and ended up getting netted in traps laid by the police instead.

Andrew works with the peace corp. He sees her rushing to the university one day in Saline when on a work assignment there.

Drawn by her beauty, he follows her.

He assigns one of his men to look after her welfare before he leaves the city.

He would come back to see her.

It takes him a little over two years before he expresses his love for her. It had been too dangerous to get entangled in a relationship then.

Serena is intrigued by his confession. She takes the train to meet him in Siella.

Along the way, the snow is as delicate as her mixed emotions. She soons learns of its wisdom.

It was then that we learned about the wisdom of snow. Snow was as delicate as it looked. Its softness was like a cotton blanket that looked like it was full of warmth, only, it cradled the steps of wayfarers, silky in fashion, endearing in appearance, fresh as dew, nevertheless, freezing upon touch.

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