Wednesday, March 23, 2022

A prayer in India, and a war where good triumphed evil - At the First Dawn of Love

Marie felt an intense need to get away. She knew about a powerful church in India where prayers are answered. Her tortures were getting intense, and even with the police surveillance, the extremists were trying to kill her. 

She left for a week on a solitary pilgrimage, and she knew the Virgin Mary awaited with open arms there. She had been to the grotto before. It was the grotto of miracles.

Her First Day in India: An Excerpt

While she waited for her food to be served, Marie saw three men walk into the diner. They looked like they were businessmen and sat at the far corner of the room from where she sat. 

She became afraid suddenly. She saw them stare at her for a few moments before turning away. Are these men stalking her as well? She turned her face away and didn't look at them after that.

When the food came, she tucked into it heartily, since she had gone to bed without dinner the previous night. As she was eating, she saw a flight of birds above the lake waters. 

One or two scooped down to the surface and Marie saw them fly away with their catch of the day - unsuspecting fish that swam dangerously near the surface of the waters.

The birds, Marie guessed had caught a sumptuous breakfast to feast upon.

The fishes didn't envisage the dangerous waters, and so, became food for the fodder.

She called for the bill soon after. 

In the final analysis, it wasn't a war between Muslim extremists and persecuted Christians, it was a war where good triumphed over evil.

Paperback Edition coming out soon on Amazon.

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