Sunday, February 20, 2022

It is so your children will know - coming soon on Amazon

 sometimes it is not about the money, sometimes it is having your voice heard!)

My pretty roses from the garden. Never fails to lift my spirits.
A smile from me to YOU this Monday. Have a great week!

Look out for my new book on Amazon soon!

She went to stand by the window to watch the scene below. It was going to be a beautiful day. The skies were just awakening and spreading gorgeous flaming colors over a darkened sky. Soon the heat and humidity of the weather will permeate the populace in the area, she thought suddenly. The mornings were always cooler and the best time to go out. After that, like the Spanish siesta, it is best to be indoors if you want to avoid the heat-ridden weather. The afternoon heat here made one lethargic.

She could see monumental buildings in the distance, modern intricately designed structures of houses, and amongst these, dilapidated huts that had clothes hung on every section of their windows. Marie wondered whether it was their laundry or a way to preserve their privacy. These were the dire needy who stayed in closeted homes of wooden structures and right in the heart of the poor, lived the rich, who lived unceremoniously on wealth and prestige.

What a contrast, she thought. Not many were classified as poor and needy since people had a chance to eke out a living to support themselves and their families in her country. Was she counted among the lucky, she wasn’t sure. Not the way things were going for her at that moment. Not knowing that she and her family were in danger of losing their lives to terrorism-related attacks.

Shobana’s Note: If nothing else, the book will highlight the ways and means terrorists get into the lives of their victims. It will be an avenue to be informed, to keep your family safe so that your children and your children’s children will be aware of the dangers of the world.

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