Sunday, January 30, 2022

The Snow Has Deceived Many....\



A snow-stopping love story that will take the reader on an enthralling train ride amidst winter's exotic phenomenon in search of intrigue and love. 
You will never look at snow the same way again! - shobana

From the book:

I thought about the beauty that lay before me. It was a beauty unimaginable. Everywhere white sprinkles of snow dust surfaced on large canvases of iced plains. 

The uneven terrain of land soon lay buried, as an even landscape emerged from the fallen snow. 

How deep would feet sink to touch the ground as they were before? It was the guile of the foolhardy to take steps without considering the depth of snow. 

The snow has deceived many, taking them unawares, sinking them into its fragile snowed traps.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Free to Read - Tempered Tides.

A short story. Free to read. Please press on the link below, and press the like button on the Inkitt website to vote for my book. I have just added it as an entry for the Inkitt novel contest. Please leave a comment, would love to know what your thoughts are!

It is a funny thing about the sea. Even with the numerous tragedies that have taken place throughout time, they seem to remain devoid of any evidence of taint; guiltless, projecting a flawless fa├žade to the world. It must be through the unblemished waters that rise from its depth that it manages to clear the errors of tragedies and past disasters.

After a while, even though the calamities, all that remains is the pristine beauty of the seas. No one forgets the incidences; however, the beauty of the seas masks the catastrophes and lets minds wander.

The sea was calm as I walked on its wet sands. The tides were low and washed over my feet. Was there something lurking behind the calmness, I could not stop thinking?

A calm before the storm – is one of the adages that life throws at you. Many a time, turbulence occurs after hours of blissful calm.

I looked up at the sky. The clouds were beginning to darken and, on the horizon, the colors of the sun setting lighted up the deeper seas.

Traces of the yellow light still lingered on the waters. As the waters moved so did the shimmering light. They danced to an orchestra of illuminating shades and sublime beauty.

I often wondered if another life on another planet welcomed the sunrise and sunset the way we did. We had the advantage of watching creation unfold before our eyes.

The villagers believed that the Sun God smiled at sunrise and wished us adieu at dusk with a brilliant showing of its mesmerizing colors. It was a gift to the world. I believe it to be a gift too, a gift that will never fade with time. 

(An excerpt)


Monday, January 10, 2022

As Delicate As Snow - Ebook


As Delicate as Snow is a snow-stopping love story that will take the reader on an enthralling train ride amidst winter's exotic phenomenon in search of intrigue and love. A third prize winner under the romance category for the 2021 Reader's Choice Awards by TCK Publishing, you will never look at snow the same way again. 

The idea for the story was first conceived when I visited the Colorado Rocky Mountains, USA, in 2016. The journey was filled with awe and encapsulation. From the snow-capped mountains to the angel imprints on its soft surface, the snow beguiled as it did mesmerize me.

Read about the wisdom of snow that brought Andrew and Serena together to a fabled ending.

Monday, January 3, 2022

A sneak preview - The Goddess of the Himavan






The Himavans from the distance are breathtaking. Against the snow-topped peaks and a bleakish grey sky, the mountain range presents a carved vision of perfected sculptures of hardened ice. They represent the inventions of sculptors and creators of divine and supernatural kinship.


An air of mystic surrounds the mountain range where pristine valleys and rivers run at their foothold. There the mountain lions roam freely while the eagles soar on great wings of pride. The thick air surrounding the mountains smell of fresh mint and fragrant spices.


Wedged between a cavernous opening at the hollow of a hidden valley, in a veiled part of the mountain, is the kingdom of Hintrupate.


And there live the beautiful Princess Marianetta, a woman of great valor, strength, generosity, and love. 

Look out for the new book. It will take you to the land of milk and honey, a Maharaja's challenge to a peasant and the Himavans - where the proud mountain range has overseen the land below for centuries.

Order your Ebook from Shobana's Book Station or buy a paperback copy on Amazon.

Date of publication: 05/01/2022

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Order your copy of The Goddess of the Himavan

She set his heart racing. In the land of milk and honey, where the Himavans stand majestic in the distance, as proud as the Kingdom of Hintrupate. Her soulful melodious voice enticed him.

A vision she presented to a simpleton such as he:
-He saw that the most beautiful of the maidens stood singing in the water while she faced the sun that had risen from the mountain area in the distance, and the peasant saw that the maiden’s thick, black hair with tiny droplets of river water on them glistened under the sun’s glorious rays.- (an extract from the book).
Order your copy of The Goddess of the Himavan. RM24.00 (courier charges apply). Delivery one month after the date of publication and orders. Date of publication: between 3-5th of January 2022.

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