Thursday, July 15, 2021

The Enchantress & Her Wildsong - Discounted Book, Samuel's Grace - Free Book by Stephen Allen

The Enchantress & Her Wildsong

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Free Book To Read by the  Ever Inspiring, Poet and Author, Stephen Allen

A touching story of compassion and a friendship forged.
Don't miss out on reading it!
Click on the right link to access the book.

Short Profile by Stephen Allen:

I was born in Ireland, but have lived in many countries. I currently reside in Austria.
I have written most of my life and got more serious in my teen years,
I have a BA in English Literature and a Master's in Comparative Theology.
Robert Frost is my greatest influence, along with all the great writers on WordPress.

Shobana's Note: I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, and hope the readers of WordPress will read it too. It is masterfully crafted and touches the basic tenets of human compassion.
Thank you, Stephen, for sharing.

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