Sunday, July 11, 2021

The Curse of the White Rose - Discounted Ebook




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  1. The Curse of the White Rose is an enchanting story that grips you from start to finish. It's filled with magic, beauty, love, and tragedy. The white rose is symbolic of timeless beauty that carries the curse of an evil sorcerer. To obtain this one must pay a heavy price. Shobana's writing is lovely and deep, emotions flow from start to finish. The wolf is a mystery that unravels just in time when all seems lost. Fairy tales and folklore have their own wondrous charm. Shobana has done justice to all the beautiful elements that go into weaving a captivating story. One wishes to dive in and be a part of this mystical world. I couldn't stop reading once I began. The poem at the end is lyrical bliss. It isn't enough to simply read it once. The words wash over the reader transporting one to the boundaries of imagination. A must read for anyone passionate about great storytelling.

    1. Thank you so much for your very endearing remarks on my book, Terveen. This is what a writer hopes to achieve when they put out a story. The story is a fairytale inspired by a poem, and in one of those moments when magic meets with imagination, this story came to be. I am so happy that you enjoyed the story. Thank you for the review - Shobana


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